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Build your own omelet

 Omelet ingredients


Bell peppers *Onions *Spinach *Mushrooms *Tomatoes 


Pork Roll * Sausage * Bacon * Turkey Bacon * Ham

White American * Swiss * Provolone *  Feta  *  Cheddar 

Extra Meat $1.89

Extra Cheese $.60

Extra Vegetable .60

All Omelets are made with three eggs, and served with white, wheat or rye toast

Egg Whites Add $1.00
   >Build your Cheese omelet 5.85

Select your favorite cheese

  >Build your Cheese and Vegetables Omelet 6.99

Select up to three vegetables and your favorite cheese

   >Build your Meat, Cheese and Vegetables Omelet 7.99

Select up to three vegetables, one breakfast meat and your favorite cheese from the omelet ingredients box.

   *Western Omelet 7.99

Peppers, Onions, Ham and Cheddar Cheese

   *Greek Omelet 7.99

Tomatoes, Onions, Spinach and Feta Cheese